4 Candidates General Election 2024

2024 General election hustings held in Stanwell Moor

General election hustings were held in Stanwell Moor in June 2024. SMRA hosted two general election hustings in Stanwell Moor Village Hall so residents could ask prospective candidates what they would do to support our village if they were voted in as Spelthorne MP.

Two general election hustings were held here at Stanwell Moor village hall in June 2024. This was a face to face opportunity for village residents to meet prospective parliamentary candidates. The Labour Party candidate (Claire Tighe) and Reform Party candidate (Rory O’Brien) attended the first session. The Conservative Party candidate (Lincoln Jopp) and Liberal Democrat party candidate (Harry Boparai) attended the second session.

We asked all the prospective parliamentary candidates what they will do for our village. I was fortunate to attend the second session and meet the Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates.  Here is a brief personal summary of some of the points made by these two candidates.

Four candidates

Harry Boparai

Harry Boparai is a local resident. He is a Surrey County Councillor of two years. He also works at Heathrow Airport and was a Unite union representative.

Harry Boparai set his priorities as the enforcement of yellow lines to stop cab drivers. He wants to prioritise the NHS as a policy.

He wants “hands-on” action to address the problem if trucks driving through the village. He feels Heathrow airport have been allowed to go rogue for too long and wants to change that.

Lincoln Jopp, Conservatives

Lincoln Jopp doesn’t live in the borough but will move here if he is voted in as the MP.

He wants the new Spelthorne PSPO focused on taxis to be actioned and see if it works. He also wants to prioritise action against fly tipping.

To combat the problem of taxi drivers and fly tipping he wants more CCTV and the introduction of ANPR. He views the village as a special case for ANPR due to our proximity to the airport.

He wants a cab driver car park – AVA – opened near us for the taxis. He also wants young people to have purpose in their lives. Finally, he wants to get us into zone 6 of TFL.

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