Grass cutting

SMRA: Protecting our environment

Stanwell Moor Residents Association is working to get Surrey County Council to take our village seriously and protect our environment. Earlier this year we reported the issue of poor quality grass cutting by Surrey County Council in Stanwell Moor and complained to the Council.

Grass cutting
Grass cutting

Surrey County Council responded to us and we expect better next time they are in the village this summer.

They acknowledged and understand the advantages of removing grass cutting. However, they do not intend to do this. They regard raking up, loading, transporting and getting rid of grass cuttings as too expensive (read: the budget for this gone). Residents have complained that grass cuttings block drains and increase the risk of flooding (a real issue for our village). The Council do not accept this.

Interestingly they have informed us that trials of vehicles that can both cut and collect grass are ongoing and being monitored in other areas. If we continue to lobby the Council every time they leave our pavements strewn with grass cuttings they will need to act – at the very least using blowers to clear footpaths and roads.

We will continue to campaign to Surrey County Council to protect our environment. When you see a grass cutting issue on your street report it to the County Council.

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