Stanwell moor residents association

About the Association

Current Committee members (2024)

Arvinder GarchaChair
Simon CrossleySecretary
Moureen GordonTreasurer
Sonu KundiMember
Sheena MankuMember
Kathleen CroftMember
Michael PowellMember
Peter PitcherMember
Billy SummersMember


Stanwell Moor Village Hall
Stanwell Moor, Staines Upon Thames, TW19 6AG

Stanwell Moor Village sign
Stanwell Moor Village sign

The Stanwell Moor Residents Association (SMRA) is a community-based organisation that serves the residents of Stanwell Moor, a village located in Surrey, next to Heathrow Airport. The association plays a significant role in representing the interests and concerns of the community and working towards the betterment of the village.

The primary objective of the SMRA is to ensure that the voice of the community is heard and taken into account in matters that affect the village. They act as a liaison between the residents and Spelthorne Borough Council, Surrey County Council and Heathrow Airport, working closely with local government officials, council members, and other relevant stakeholders. The association actively engages in discussions and consultations on various issues related to the village, such as infrastructure, planning and development, traffic management, environmental conservation, and community services.

One of the key functions of the SMRA is to advocate for the needs and concerns of the residents. They gather feedback and opinions from the community through surveys, meetings, and open forums to understand the pressing issues. Armed with this information, the association represents the community’s interests in discussions with local authorities, aiming to bring about positive changes and improvements in the village.

Your Association

We are committed to finding solutions for a better quality of life for residents: we are a small committee voted in annually who meet regularly at Stanwell Moor Village Hall. Public meetings hosted by the committee are also held at the hall.

The SMRA also plays a vital role in organising community events, fostering a sense of togetherness and promoting a strong community spirit. They arrange social gatherings, such as festivals, fairs, and cultural events, which serve as opportunities for residents to connect, share experiences, and build relationships. These events contribute to the overall well-being and cohesion of the village, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

The Street Ambassadors initiative is a new programme implemented by the Stanwell Moor Residents Association (SMRA) to foster closer links with residents.  If you live in a street in the village you can be a street ambassador too. The aim of this initiative is to promote community engagement and ensure that all the roads in Stanwell Moor have dedicated representatives who can address local concerns and act as a point of contact for residents.

The SMRA and its Street Ambassadors can help disseminate important information and updates from the SMRA, local government, and other relevant organizations to residents in their street. They can also collect feedback and suggestions from residents to ensure their voices are heard.

The SMRA and its Street Ambassadors can play a vital role in disseminating emergency preparedness information, coordinating neighbourhood emergency plans, and ensuring residents are informed and equipped to handle potential emergencies.

The SMRA, listening to the voice of village residents, has identified a number of key issues affecting the village that it can advocate on. These include:

1. Neighbourhood Safety: Street Ambassadors can address concerns related to neighbourhood safety, such as reporting suspicious activities, coordinating neighbourhood watch programs, and raising awareness about crime prevention measures.  The village has joined Neighbourhood Watch which it is keen to widen.

2. Infrastructure and Maintenance: The SMRA monitors the environment closely and advocates to the Councils for improvements in infrastructure and maintenance within their streets, such as pothole repairs, streetlight maintenance, pavement repairs, and traffic calming measures.

3. Environmental Issues: SMRA seeks to address concerns related to wider environmental issues, such as littering, illegal dumping, and promoting recycling and sustainability practices within the community.

4. Community Services: SMRA is going to build up information on how residents can access local services, such as providing information about local healthcare facilities, libraries, and recreational activities.

5. Traffic and Parking: SMRA is actively working with the Councils and Heathrow Airport Ltd. on abuses to parking by private hire cars, and Meet and Greet companies.  We want to free the streets of parking complaints and the litter caused by the drivers.

Working with Councils

We are working closely with Surrey County Council on roads and litter and with Spelthorne Council on anti-social behaviour. Both County and Borough Councillors are supporting us with challenging Heathrow Airport on air and noise pollution, and private hire and, meet and greet parking.