Stanwell Moor Residents Association

Plan for Stanwell Moor in 2024

Plan for the Association for 2024

The plan for the Stanwell Moor Residents Association outlines various events and initiatives aimed at enhancing the village life and improving the environment.

Key Aims: Representing residents’ interests, promoting community engagement and village facilities, promoting the Residents Association, working with other organizations and individuals for the benefit of the village and its residents.

The Committee

  • Elections are held annually with the next annual general meeting in January 2025.
  • The Association Constitution sets out our rationale and aims.

Plan for 2024

  1. Representing Interests of Residents:
  • Promoting the interests of the Association at key groups: Heathrow Airport Local Community Forum, Spelthorne Borough Council Residents Association Forum, Staines Commons steering group.
  • Identifying and applying for suitable funding to implement enhancements for the village.

2. Supporting or Delivering Activities:

3. Promoting the Residents Association:

  • Public Meetings: hold two meetings held during the year.
  • Street Ambassadors group –grow the number of ambassadors.
  • Website and Facebook page – grow the membership. Join us.
  • Develop our membership of Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

4. Working with Other Organisations and key stakeholders on local issues.

  • Work with the MP, County Councillors, Borough Councillors.
  • Work with Heathrow Airport Ltd.
  • Support from Heathrow Rangers and Spelthorne litter pickers for cleaning up the village.

Overall, the committee has set ambitious goals to raise the profile of the Stanwell Moor Residents Association, engage the community, and address key issues affecting the village.

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