Stanwell Moor with Kwasi Kwateng MP

Improving the quality of life for Stanwell Moor residents

Improving the quality of life for Stanwell Moor residents

On 27 October 2023 members of the SMRA committee met with Kwasi Kwateng MP, along with County Councillors from Surrey, officers from Surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council, and representatives from Heathrow Airport ltd. to discuss long term issues in the village.

Stanwell Moor with Kwasi Kwateng MP
Stanwell Moor with Kwasi Kwateng MP

We have managed to get with everyone present to commit to addressing key issues affecting the village: litter, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour from taxis, meet and greet, and holiday parkers clogging our roads, ditches, drains and bridleways that need cleaning and repairing to minimise flooding, and trucks using the M25 junction when there is a weight restriction in place. 

Thanks to the involvement of Kwasi Kwateng MP we will hold everyone to account in seeing these improvements take place. Claire Mack has been persistent in making this meeting happen and will be following up with everyone to keep our village on everyone’s radar.

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