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Diwali on the Moor 2023


Diwali on the Moor 2023

On 10 November 2023 Stanwell Moor was alive with the warmth and celebration of Diwali 2023. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time of joy and reflection. Diwali (Deepavali) commemorates the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

Stanwell Moor Residents Association
Stanwell Moor Residents Association
Diwali November 2023
Diwali November 2023
Mayor of Spelthorne and Councillors

This was our first celebration and we were overwhelmed by the participation of the village and interest from surrounding communities. Over 300 people attended.

The stall holders included:

  • ATOMY by Chelvi
  • Amaya Jewellery
  • Mehndi by Rukhsana
  • Arts & Crafts by Richa
  • The Sassy Apron
  • The Anchor pub
Atomy by Chelvi
Atomy by Chelvi
The Anchor

The stall holders included:

  • Majestic Aesthetics
  • The Design Galore
  • Riwaaz London
  • Mister Water Softener
  • Samit Fitness
  • Impressions Gates & Grills
Samit Fitness
The Sassy Apron
Sonia Panesar

Our visitors were treated to traditional performances such as local talent, Sonia Panesar, and engaging activities tailored for all age groups.


At the celebration we had councillors and stakeholders attend

“It was great to see the community coming together to celebrate with some fantastic entertainment, stalls and food.”

“It was a great evening and one I shall not forget!  What a great community all celebrating together. 
“The atmosphere and energy on Friday was amazing!”
Diwali November 2023
Diwali November 2023
Diwali November 2023
Moureen Gordon and Arvinder Garcha
Moureen Gordon (Treasurer) and Arvinder Garcha (co-chair)

At the event we celebrated our community champions: Clare Mack, Moureen Gordon, and the Heathrow Rangers.

Thanks to Arvinder Garcha, co-chair of the Association, for organising the event.

Our sponsors. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible:

  • Stanwell Moor Village Hall – Emma Fowles
  • Stanwell Local Conversation – Tanu Dhingra
  • Sonia Panesar (singer)
  • Impressions Gates and Grills
  • Tentist Marquees
  • The Anchor pub (Billy & Peter)

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