Committee Update 30 November 2023

In our last meeting before Christmas we reviewed recent events (Diwali and MP visit), and planned the next steps for the Association (annual general meeting).


  • Heathrow Airport Local Community Forum (LCF) meeting was held at our Stanwell Moor Village Hall on 21 November 2023. Although, on its own it, it will not resolve the village’s taxi parking problems, we are encouraging the Airport to set up an authorised vehicle area for taxis near terminals Four and Five, which they are actively looking into.
  • On 27 October 2023 we hosted a productive meeting with Kwasi Kwateng MP meeting to agree a plan to resolve environmental issues in the village – blocked drains, poorly maintained ditches, fly tipping and rubbish in flood relief channels, results of anti-social behaviour around bridleway 51 and poorly maintained bridleway 50. We had representatives from both Surrey County Council and Spelthorne Borough Council.
  • We we are pleased to announce the village is working on having a defibrillator installed at The Anchor pub.
  • Our first Diwali festival in November 2023 was a successful event with over 300 people attending from within and outside the village to watch music, dance and enjoy an array of stalls.
  • We supported the village’s first Christmas Market on 2 December at The Anchor pub with the sea cadets, piano player, councillors, and Father Christmas attending. 

Annual General Meeting

We are organising the annual general meeting for the Association on 23 January 2024 in the village hall. The meeting is open to the residents of the village. We will publicise it to the village 21 days before the meeting.

Reviewing the year

The committee reviewed its work over the last six months: a) set up our bank account set up, b) launched a new website and Facebook page, c) started a street ambassadors group, d) started a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme, e) met Kwasi Kwarteng MP in the village, f) attended various groups across Spelthorne and Heathrow Airport, g) being given hanging baskets sponsored by County Councillor Robert Evans, h) and support from Spelthorne litter pickers.

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